Problems with Security-Misc

Hello Parrot Community,
to improve the security of my OS, I am currently experimenting with the Scurity-misc from Whonix ( However, some problems occur in connection with PAM. If the screen is locked, then the user cannot log in even with the correct password. Also, a reference to the /usr/lib/security-misc/pam_tally2-info file is displayed when a wrong password is entered during login, although a counter should be displayed. Since I already had several problems with PAM in Parrot OS (e.g. I was not able to set a faildelay), I suspect that it is related to the operating system. Does anyone have experience with Security-misc on Parrot OS, or the same problems? Does anyone have solutions for this?

I am using Parrot OS Home with KDE as desktop.

Thanks for the help.

Translated with (free version)

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Same here, I imported the whonix repository and followed the directions but I had the exact same issue. Hopefully the devs will respond