Problems with wireless commands

(Pietro) #1

I am using parrot security edition 4.5 64 bit, as primary OS, without any other operating systems installed.

Hello everyone, so I am having quite a few isues using network related applications (macchanger, airmon…) and commands (wlan0up/down, wlan0modemonitor). Basically, everytime I do ifconfig wlan0 down, iwconfig wlan0 mode monitor, and then I get wlan0 back up it stops working and I have to restart the whole system. Even if I just get wlan0 down and then back up, it will simply disconnect and it wont start again. It will just continue to try and connect to then fail, in a loop. I have already tried restarting networkmanager and everything, but the only solution is to restart the system. This makes me unable to use monitor mode and other functions. I am on a laptop, using a realtek external usb wifi adapter. If you have any ideas on how to fix it, please let me know.
Thank you in advance!

(Citi) #2

i have issues with my ethernet driver. In my situation, I found out that RealTek is writing faulty drivers. So People have to make new kernels and download new drivers. I hope your solution is way easier! Check out this post here, an example of having to remove/get kernels.


What chipset is the device you are using, are you sure it is capable of monitor mode or injection? Also please clarify “doesn’t work”,

(Pietro) #4

The chipset is ath9k. The wireless card does support both monitor mode and packet injection, both on 2.4 and 5 ghz. By doesnt work, I mean that it just simply stops working. Once i take it down, even if I get it back up without any command in between (just wlan0 down and then up, no mode change or macchanger or stuff like that) it just simply goes in a loop, trying to connect to the network, but failing. If you open network manager to manually connect, it will try, but then say disconnected, or unable to connect