Project Im working on in my Dropbox Cloud

I need help with either recommendations or the jargon/terminology so I can better query the web for the answer.

I was wondering is there anything I can upload to my Dropbox cloud that will give remote access of some kind to Android devices Logged into it? Weather its a script/Exploit/Legitimate software… Ive been looking for a few months on how to do this, without interaction of any-kind other than Dropboxes auto-download of new cloud data to all devices connected. This may have a legitimate Answer that im just not querying right to get my answer. I dont know much about remote code and how we make this work executing in anyway without secondary user interaction.

Again its my Cloud, My Paid Dropbox. Ive had it for so long im about to just ask Dropbox if theres a way of doing this

If anyones good with this stuff Id welcome the help working on a way to make this a reality plus we can go over ideas of what ive tried and failed at lol and maybe learn a new skill who knows

Thanks ALL!!!

Sounds like something you may need to hold special privileges to make work.

I am not aware of anything like this. But maybe someone else has some input.

Check this out that I found, I just dont know how to work with APIs that well unless theres clear directions like shodan api for maltegotester

You can do so much with this dropbox (api, plugin, mod) what ever its classed as and this is just 1 tab of many on the left of that screenshot. This is also for windows or Mac and I need to manipulate Android

And I would hold those privilages Im the only Admin to a paid Subscription to dropbox designed for collaborative work with others in medium to large organizations. I had dropbox business but it was just to much space money and I didnt need this feature then. Apparently you can shutdown a windows PC for some many years to remotely by Dropbox and remote monitoring a pc (not access) has been around for a decade or more

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