Project management software

What kind of project management and team collaboration software do you use?
Are you hosting it locally (including local server or VirtServer) or in the cloud?
What do you like or dislike about that software?

I don’t really get your question.
Are you asking about package maintaining and so on?
We are packaging our tool using our dev server with Debian standard. We are interested in good tools and unique tools (no duplicate tool. It makes distro become bloated one without any reason).

no, I was asking a general open question regarding Scrum / Agile / Kanban type of project management – I am looking for a good app or program solution to run on my everyday ParrotSec laptop.

I might end up running Jira community vers in VM unless I find something better.

There is an online service but i can’t remember its name right now. It is quite good. I used it before. Gitlab can track project as well but not as easy as other project managements IMO
p/s: it is Trello

I used Trello a while back, it was ok but I was really looking for something I could host on my local server for certain projects we have going on. To my knowledge, this is not an option with Trello.

Thanks. I’ll try it when i have time.
If you need for personal usage only, you can use agenda todo, or even todo plus extension for vscode

Among other things, I run a web hosting/design company and have since the early days, before that I ran a few Wildcat BBS’s back in the day and was one of the early webmasters for geocities (anyone remember them?)

We have several web web projects and sites working at any given time, often I have different members of my team working on different parts and differnent timelines. The Kanban board makes it easy for the team to see exactly where everything is…
Due to the nature of some of these projects, I would just prefer to keep it on a local server or VM and not on a 3rd party cloud server.

If it was a proprietary software/product, i wouldn’t host any project management software with a third party. With opensource projects i don’t think it matters as much though, its all supposed to be ‘free’ after all.

At the moment i use Trac But i wouldn’t recommend it, its not the easiest to setup/ configure. I would honestly be tempted to self host gitlab.

Thanks for the input, I will take a look at GitLab for self-hosting and see what we can do with that.
I am also looking at Restyaboard & Wekan

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