proxychain usage

I am having issue configuring proxychain… how to set it up, how can I surf through internet using proxychain… and how to activate proxychain just like anonsurf uses tor?

With basic networking knowledge, it is pretty straight forward after checking out man proxychains:

ProxyChains - redirect connections through proxy servers


This program forces any tcp connection made by any given tcp client to follow through proxy (or
proxy chain). It is a kind of proxifier.

   It acts like sockscap / premeo / eborder driver (intercepts TCP calls).

   This version (2.0) supports SOCKS4, SOCKS5 and HTTP CONNECT  proxy  servers.   Auth-types:  socks  -
   "user/pass" , http - "basic".

   When to use it ?

   1) When the only way to get "outside" from your LAN is through proxy server.

   2) When you are behind restrictive firewall which filters outgoing connections to some ports.

   3) When you want to use two (or more) proxies in chain:
   like: your_host <--> proxy1 <--> proxy2 <--> target_host

   4) When you want to "proxify" some programs with no proxy support built-in (like telnet).
   5) When you don't want to pay for eBorder / premeo socks driver :)

   Some cool features:
   * This program can mix different proxy types in the same chain

   like: your_host <-->socks5 <--> http <--> socks4 <--> http <--> target_host

   *  Different  chaining  options  supported       like:   take random proxy from the list.       or :
   chain proxies in exact order      or :   chain proxies in dynamic order (smart exclude dead  proxies
   from chain)

   *You  can  use  it  with  any TCP client application, even network scanners. yes, yes - you can make
   portscan via proxy (or  chained  proxies)  for  example  with  Nmap  scanner  by  fyodor  (

   proxychains nmap -sT -PO -p 80 -iR  (find some webservers through proxy)

   NOTE: to run suid/sgid programs(like ssh) through proxychains you have to be root

proxychains looks for config file in following order:




   see more in /etc/proxychains.conf

To run this program the standard way type:

   proxychains telnet

   in this example it will run telnet through proxy(or chained proxies) specified by proxychains.conf

and check/edit the contents of /etc/proxychains.conf for your needs. It includes examples and is pretty straightforward :slight_smile:

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