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im just wondering where the proxychains config file is so i can make sure its set up for tor.

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Release 4.4 64-bit Kernel Linux 4.18.0-parrot20-amd64 x86_64 MATE 1.20.3
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it should be in /etc/proxychains.conf

Tor is routed threw proxychains.conf as SOCK4 i would change it to SOCKS5 and run tor with this command

sudo service tor start

Nico_paul : that was my first guess but i cant find it. is it maybe within another folder in /etc

how would i go about doing that? im guessing you just have to edit the proxychains.config file? do i just change the “SOCKS4” to a SHOCKS5 and leave the ip as

that is where it is in mine,

im not sure where it would be if not here; I would advise against changing to SOCKS5 because with SOCKS5, applications can leak some of the DNS info, You could capture wireshark on all interfaces to both see it in action if one of your applications do this and to test that you do not have any issues via SOCKS4. I’m inclined to believe that there is probably a reason Palinuro used 4 vs 5, and I tend to roll with whatever Sudoboss does as he doesnt do anything without reasoning behind it. If he has an extra moment maybe @palinuro himself can shed some light on why this is how it is, until then, I would leave it be.

No proxychains.conf in my ect/ either, or anywhere else I can find.

try using the search in caja or mate search under the places menu

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thank you for letting me know about the DNS leaks with SOCKS5. so i looked in etc and went down to “P” becouse it’s in alphabetical order and this is all there is. am i maybe in the wrong place

go farther to the non folders

its further down with the individual files below the folders. :slight_smile:


i may have installed from synaptic but i dont remember. try there if its not in your /etc/ otherwise i know youve been doing a lot of work in there recently for anonsurf so its possible maybe it got deleted?

If it is couldnt you just make another…or reinstall the pkg but before any of that Id make sure to look at any hidden files then search the filesystem in mate search tool to see anything with proxychain in its name…

that might be what you’re looking for

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yes thank you i found it. thank you for all the help nico