ProxyChains doesn't connect to the browser

Hello fellow Parrot OS enthusiasts!

I am fairly beginner at linux, migrating from windows recently.

I have an a challenge that I would like your support resolve with

When connecting to any website via proxychains (eg proxychains firefox, it says that the webpage is unavailable and no website works, as if the internet isn’t connected.

But without proxychains, firefox or any other brwoser connects to the internet and browsing is possible.

The proxychains.conf

  • dynamic_chain has been enabled

  • strict_chain and random_chain has been disabled

  • proxy_chain has been enabled

  • For DNS proxies

  • sock4 9050 (already enabled)

  • sock5 9050 (I have added)

  • service tor status is running

  • My network adapter is set to NAT

When I type in proxychains firefox - the terminal has various lines saying:

|D-chain| -<>-<–timeout
!!!need for more proxies!!! |DNS-response|: does not exist

Anyone have a suggestion as to why this is happening and how to fix it, so that proxychains is able to connect to the internet and use the browser?

Your help will be surely appreciated

Thank you

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