Qbittorrent and external hard drive

Hi Parrot folks,
simple situation and question: Parrot Home 4.2.2 64 bit that I use only in Live mode.
I would like to download torrent by means of Qbittorrent directly to an external HDD but starting download when asks “Save at” I can’t see the hard drive that I can instead access from Places. Please, how can I “Save at” the hard drive I prefer?

Thanks in advance. Ciao


Buona sera! How is the drive partitioned? Forse il tuo pappagallo y il tuo disco rigido e non compatibile (FAT è EXT4 et cetera)

GParted says NTFS and after “/dev/ssd1” there is the symbol of a key.

Try unencrypting through gparted and see if you can access it. If not, you may need cryptmount packages that arent installed

sometimes …

The problem is solved. I found the external HDD in the path: