Question about Live mode

Hello all. I’ve been considering downloading Parrot OS for some days now. For a while I’ve been looking for an OS that I can boot from a removable media, and then… well, let me remove the removable media, while the OS is running.

Puppy linux can do this, but… it’s puppy linux, you have to use their very limited selection of software, and JWM…

Is this possible with Parrot OS? Can I boot on live mode and remove the drive safely?

I’m aware of Tails, but I think on Tails if you remove the drive it shuts down and securely deletes everything from RAM.

If by default it’s not possible, is there a way change it?

I know I’d be looking at longer boot times than from a hard drive and obviously SSD, but I like the idea of NOT being careful with the operating system. I’ve been using Linux for 2 years now, and on puppy I’ve made it unusable a bunch of times. It was hilarious and not a problem because the drive I booted from had been disconnected for hours (I’ve been learning some bash, among other things).

Ideally I’d like to be able to make permanent changes sometimes, just like how on puppy you can save the session. Also, I know live mode is always root, not a deal breaker, but if I can make it so that it’s not always root, that would be great.

I love how the answer is passive aggressive and shows a link to a search that is saying: “OMG! You can just google duck it!”

But on the other hand it doesn’t answer my question in the slightest.

Can I remove the bootable media safely or not? Can I remove the media after loading a saved session?

Also the search is in French I think, what?

By the way, this is not the case for other OS’s, PCLinux OS, I don’t remember if it allowed me remove the media when loading from RAM, but the experience in every other aspect was atrocious (my GPRS modem didn’t work), also, I couldn’t save the session.

Part of the reason I’m not a huge fan of puppy is because if you ask for help on the forum, even when puppy is completely to blame on some problem, the fault falls completely on you according to the people “graciously” helping you. Specially the fella with the avatar of a dog scooping trash, he’s abrasive to say the least.

the creation in persistent mode will allow you to save files or other.
1— Configuring a persistent USB - Parrot Documentation
2— F.A.Q. - Parrot Documentation

here is your answer to try with parrot :wink:
Can I boot a Live USB fully to RAM, allowing me to remove the disk? - YouTube(in english ;))
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