questions about updates

hello! i switched to parrot when i started my comp sci classes back around june. I moved recently so for a while i wasnt on my system. recently i decided to scrap the whole thing and reinstall from my thumbdrive, the original file is sort of old now so i had a lengthy upgrade ahead of me. i ran into, and solved the issue about virtual box with a quick google search and simple command so i never came to the forums to see all this recent commotion.
today i ran another update and my system updated 104 or something like that files (mostly tools) and since i had time i grazed the forums seeing all these people talking about the issues from a few days ago, one of which, like i already said i had noticed myself the day before.

My question is, was the 100 or so file update put out to fix the issues that everyone had been complaining about? Also did anyone else update and upgrade the past few days in a row and notice from two days ago or so up to today a 100 package file update of all thier tools?

i only ask because just now i found i had to reinstall the fortune command for wanda and i thought that odd. yes, i know, i am one of those people who need their head checked for having a pet fish that talks to me on my os (lol) but none the less, i like wanda and sometimes while im studying or initializing a new app or window and waiting for whatever i like to read her wisdom and have it so graciously bestowed upon me,

any info appreciated

thanks and cheers!

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