Radare2 cutter installer

(dmknght) #1

This script will automatically download and install latest radare2 Cutter (release version) to your system. It also have update function so you don’t need to check and download Cutter manually everyday.
This script is aimed release version only. If you prefer up-to-date cutter, cloning their git and compile it is a a better choice.
p/s: i didn’t spend so much time for this script so if you want to improve it, feel free to copy and modify :smiley:


If i can give just a little advice, you must place custom/unofficial package/bin in /usr/local/bin or in $HOME/bin and you must replace your query whereis cutter by a regex Cutter*
Dont have much time tonight to look your code but i will do it and modify it if you want :wink:

All being said thanks for you code!!

(dmknght) #3

Many thanks :smiley: I’ve changed default path to /usr/local/bin. I though about custom location, like $HOME/bin but there is a small issue with PATH (i tested with Debian 9 too) so i kept it simple.
About whereis part, can you explain more please? In this code, i am using whereis and awk to cut and print cutter path, and i think it is okay.
If you want to make a better script, feel free to copy and make your own :smiley: