Ralink RT3290 weak signal

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Hello everybody, new user of Parrot here. I just installed Parrot yesterday and everything seems to work fine. I’ve found my way around many things and i can say that i liked it from the 1st moment.

Now i noticed something weird, when i was running Windows 10 my WiFi signal in the room was around 90%, after installing ParrotOS the signal fell down to 34%. After searching on various forums it has been proven that this network adapter is kinda buggy on debian systems. I’m trying to find the .conf file for my adapter to change the ant_sel to 1 but i can’t seem to find the .conf file and i’m all out of ideas.

Any ideas ?

Thanks for your time

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Any help over here? Weak signal is killing me…

Write to the maintainer, this not belong to the Parrot

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