Random Chatter - SP or DDG?

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Bit of a random question here but just out of interest, what search engine do you feel is most trust worthy and safe/secure?

Any thoughts on this welcome, please try to explain why you feel one is better using facts not beliefs where possible. :wink:



I never heard from StartPage, but theirs proxy option really interesting. I give it a try :slight_smile:


so far its good for viewing a site nothing more, its still a early project and as they said, you cant fill forms with it or watch videos etc

though duckduckgo is not that good, at least you can use it with tor, and choose with noscript what you want to see, and if you use tor well you dont care about startpage proxy

also the search feature is even more limited than duckduckgo

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This is one of the reasons I was curious because I actually find that StartPage gets better results not DuckDuckGo, but regardless of that I was wondering if anyone has information about how much data is really encrypted, strored, interceptable and things of that nature.


by search features, i meant to quote them saying that they did not yet implement videos and pictures search, i dont have experience with that search engine

to know that much information one would need to work with them right, and they never said that data is encrypted, only that their proxy ip shows up instead of yours and it ends there, and sites will store the data anyway, it just wont be linked to you, so there is still record of what happened of course

edit; i dont know if startpage is as legit as they claim though, always take everything with a bit of salt, and disappointment will taste better


StartPage all the way since the early days when it was still called Ixquick. No tacking, great search results.

Searches can be VERY refined and specific, there is a content filter, you’d have to look around a little bit what you can actually do with it. The standard search settings might not be satisfactory for some people but there are ways to increase the results…

What exactly do you mean with this? I use StartPage over TOR all the time…both directly into the TOR browser and through FF’s proxy settings. I havent’t tried to look up .onion sites with it though. There are better and more specific search engines for that.

SP is my weapon of choice.


i thought too that the line you quote was not very precise, i meant to say that duckduckgo is a search engine usable with tor(not like google), it wasnt a comparison with startpage, but to say that duckduckgo still get the job done, though sometimes the search results are really bad

if its adding a layer of anonymity then alright but i really doubt there is a search engine that is secure

edit; i wasnt sure when i first saw the startpage logo, but after you sent that link i know that startpage is powered by google, which i dont really like the sound of it

also duckduckgo is open source
searx looks good though and is open source


Take a look: https://www.reddit.com/r/privacytoolsIO/comments/72zy2l/startpage_vs_duckduckgo/

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Thanks for the Reddit link, to be honest they both have their pros and cons I am just curious to to see what most Parrot Sec users use.
On a bit of a side note do you use https://start.parrotsec.org/ ?
It redirects to DDG so I am guessing the Parrot Sec devs prefer DDG over SP, curious why that may be?


the best would be to start on blank page and take the habit of learning/using the url bar for navigating, and using duckduckgo as main search engine so you can easily use the “!” for going on youtube/google/etc

i only use the parrotsec start page to check my user agent, as i can already check my ip with cli command
my guess would be that the parrot devs like duckduckgo because it is open source
also, having a blank page as a start page means the browser launch faster

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Searx is cool.