random connection issues

Hi community,

I’ve been having this random issue for a few weeks - I boot up Parrot Sec like normal, it shows I’m connected like normal but I can’t connect to the internet. This just happens randomly at times.
Last time I could only connect through the Tor Browser, but I haven’t been able to get Tor to open for the last week or so, so now I can’t connect at all through my Parrot OS.
I run Parrot Security OS on virtualbox with a windows host.
My Distro_release is 4.10
I can’t copy paste this info right now because I’m on my host
My kernel info (if needed) is: Linux Parrot 5.8.0-1parrot-1 amd 64 SMP Debian 5.8.7-1parrot1 (2020-09-14) x86_64 GNU/Linux

I have no clue why this happens, but I haven’t changed anything. I’ve simply shut down my machine from last night, turned it on this evening and can’t connect. It says I’m connected but I can’t connect
Can anyone please tell me what is going on, this is a totally random event that has happened once or twice before. I have no VPNs or Proxies running, I’ve changed nothing.
I understand that this is a rolling distro and sometimes shit happens but I’ve not seen anyone else have this issue.

Hi, could you try next time you get no connection to run this command:

ping google.com

I wonder if it is that your connection is getting bottlenecked by some windows update or so. It could also be a network issue on virtual box side.

Did you upgraded your system ? if so how ? And final question: Are you logged in as root ?


Yea, both host and guest were updated … I’ve no idea what was going on… I finally just backed everything I wanted up, completely removed it from VirtualBox and reinstalled everything from scratch. Everything is fine now, I can even open Tor Browser.
I know a lot, if not everyone had the Tor issue, but I couldn’t find anyone with a similar problem to my random connection issue on here.
I only get on to mess about with a Metasploitable VM or in the HTB network. I don’t make system changes I don’t completely understand, don’t frequent shady sites and don’t download anything I can’t confirm.
It’s just sometimes everything will be fine when I go to sleep at night and then the next day I’m expecting to get online for a bit and spend the first few hours trying to fix a connection issue that has seemingly no reason for existing. I couldn’t even try updating anything because the entire machine couldn’t connect.
I’ve started out new now and everything is fine atm… I’m keeping a daily journal of changes and things I do so If it happens again I hope to have more info to share

You did not answer my question, I can’t help you if you don’t. How did you upgraded the parrot system ? Are you logged in parrot as root ?

Could be DNS issue. check resolve.conf add ISP DNS

I didn’t notice your questions…
I use parrot as a user, frequently as superuser
I keep it upgraded… I actually just saw there was another upgrade and came here to investigate it first and saw your post - questions and all
I upgrade using ‘sudo parrot-upgrade’ to be precise

Are you using KDE or MATE? Guys I have noticed KDE is inestable when is about network interfaces, I’ve been using MATE, and works pretty good, try Security MATE version, by using USB stick, try it and tell us.

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