Random Freezing

There was no problem with the installation, but the system will randomly freeze and take no further input leaving no other option but to force shutdown externally. It tends to happen while running graphics intensive programs. I installed nvidia-driver and bumblebee-nvidia, yet after that the system was unable to output the GUI and I had to reinstall the whole OS since removing those two packages via the command line did not help. I have a GTX 750.

uname -a
Linux parrot 5.1.0-parrot1-3t-amd64 #1 SMP Parrot 5.1.3-1parrot1.3t (2019-05-20) x86_64 GNU/Linux



Similar Cases:
I found similar threads about freezes upon shutdown/reboot or launching LibreOffice. Laptops with integrated graphics and a seperate GPU may be affected too, but mine is a desktop with one card.

Could it be something related to the GTX 750 - are there any known issues with it?

Freezes while trying to open LibreOffice could be firejail problem. Can you access your /var/log/ and parse error logs without using GUI? Maybe you will see useful error log in there.

But it does not happen when trying to open LibreOffice, rather it happens whenever some graphics are involved, like for instance while configuring a conky. When it happens, there is nothing to be done, not even Ctrl+Alt+F2 - absolutely no input is taken.

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It is hard to track it because it happens random. It can be any reason. What is your ram size? Because bad conky config can leaks your ram and causes your system freeze suddenly (I had it before, conky used more than least 2 GB ram but ram in task manager showed 5 mbs. It was memory leak from Lua scripts). Or maybe it was old bug that mate suddenly rise memory usage (i don’t really remember the problem and process but it can use your all ram in second)

Yes i have same issue, i installed ParrotOS on acer nitro 5.
I checking load hardisk using nmon is normal, but freezing after using parrot os about 10 minutes

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