rasberry pi 3 b+

how stable is the parrot os on rasberry pi 3 b+ since is saying on download page experimental.

what i can expect to encounter(bug,crashes…) while using it on a pi

i used before kali but is taking so much resource on a pi and i need something with easy resource usage and since i start using parrot on PC i want to know on pi how good is it

Pi is image good but , as you said it is Experimental build

  1. I think you not get crashes
  2. Maybe get wifi && gui issues (maybe)

Parrot team hsve currently headless image as far i know (standard also is there but i not sure)

You need to add custom DE for use GUI , such as xfce

I’m new to Parrot, but so far I am really enjoying it after some initial adjustments from Kali.

That said, I haven’t tried it out on a Pi yet, but planned on doing it this weekend. I will let you know any issues/workarounds I find. I plan on starting with Home version and build on from there.

As far as setting up the network settings… I’m sure it would be a lot better to mount the SD card to a laptop/desktop first to configure.

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