Raspberry Pi 3 B+ Need Installation Help

Hi Everyone,

I’m trying to get ParrotSec OS run on my Raspberry Pi 3B+. But I’m already getting an error before I even can burn the image on my SD card (see below)! The other images only have a few KB and can’t be chosen to be burned in “Etcher”.
So how it’s meant to be done if I wanna run ParrotSec OS on my Raspberry Pi 3B+ and why are there download links to ARM Images which can’t be burned at all?? As I saw, ParrotSec OS is running flawlessly on older RPi models, but since the latest 3B+ model is out, there’s still, after almost 1 year, no solution to let it simpy run on that model, not even a burnable image at all!

Please help with any solutions,

What version of Parrot are you running? * [Parrot-iot-4.4_rpi.img.xz] - armhf (armv7) 32bit for Raspberry Pi 3

What method did you use to install Parrot? burn image with “Etcher”

Configured to multiboot with other systems? no

If there are any similar issues or solutions, link to them below: many people with this problem, but still no solution

If there are any error messages or relevant logs, post them below: when I want to load the image in “Etcher” comes the following error message:
"Something went wrong while opening Parrot-iot-4.4_rpi.img.xz

Error: File format not recognized"

Try this out: https://www.raspberrypi.org/documentation/installation/installing-images/linux.md

@Chrispy The only way I have been able to get Parrot to work successfully on the Pi 3b+ is via Berryboot using AlexGold images.


currently there is no working rpi arm image and the older builds that were released need some type of security patch, stability update, (you get the point, essentially the reason we update) so they are not advised to use either, the new rpi arm image is estimated to take about a month longer to finalize if nothing crazy happens or any big bugs are found that would delay an update.


As there are now quite a few posts about the Pi image not working, would it not be better to remove the download link on the website until it is actually available / working? That would save people who are not aware that it is not working downloading it, getting frustrated trying to get it to work and then resorting to the community forum.

Yes you are right but
HOD only able to do that
Also there is no perfect proof ee have to show him
So , he will delete it
Because in dev team its perfext working
Also it’s depends om hardware and kernel error
Like if ==null node is actvie woth ACPI=off
So it’s boot without worry
And not ,; error

Thanks For your Updates Answer
You can kindly Contact Them For That

I passed the request along to the site Admins; Thank you for your suggestion, I agree and hopefully we can get this resolved quickly so that rpi can continue to be a favorite hardware possibility for all Parroters!

Update: the Arm image has been removed so as not to distribute bad images, Im checking on the status of the new ARM image that had to be rebuilt to see what the timeline looks like before its ready! hopefully back soon with a better estimate of when!


There have been quite a few commits to the arm image the past day or so, I’m not sure if the latest version pushed a few hours ago is the final or not but I can say we are very close of not! Head over to nest.parrotsec.org to see for yourself!


Thanks for the effort!
I really appreciate that and I’m sure there will be plenty of other people who are also waiting for it already.

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Any news on the new ParrotOS-ARM for the RaspberryPi 3 B+ ? :slight_smile:

It’s still very problematic. @mibofra can explain more

dows anybody kno how to set up live build for the arm image i would love to learn but im kinds dumb when it comesto geting the filsytem setup propperly

You have to start at the very basics for compiling images for ARMhfs our developer is extremely skilled and has extensive experience with this in particular yet the issues we have been running into is that the parrot system is too big even headless. Its not going to negatively impact you to start learning and maybe with the next build you can help with it so my advice is start learning now.

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i am im having a hard time witjh how the file system is put together like what goes where to make an img in the first place

What is your experience like working with raspberry pi? It may help you to start just playing around with it instead of trying to figure out how to put the puzzle together. But you need to have a solid foundation of how arm devices work and what their constraints and abilities are

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