Raspberry Pi 4 support - any eta?


Any update on this project? Would like to try over Kali.

Thank you.


@tissy how is everything going :smiley:

Would Love To Know This Cause I Recently Bought The Pi4 And I Desperately Wanna Use My Favorite Distro Desktop/Sec On It, I Put Kali On For Now And Kali Isn’t That Bad Desktop Wise But You Guys Totally Killed It With Parrot. Don’t Wanna Get To Far Into Kali With The Pi Unless ARM Is Far Away, If Release Is Coming Soon Then I Wont Get Deep Into KaliLand.

Appreciate All The Hard Work Devs Do To Bring This Great Distro Into Existence.
-Ps The Caps Is Just A Habit Of How I Type Haha

Arm release is under development. Need some packages update (server side) and I can build a first beta.

Nice. We should focus on all images for 4.10

Any updates?

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Also looking forward to this release. Does this comment serve as my request to be notified when beta is released? :slight_smile: