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Hello forum

I heard that it’s technically possible to find the real IP of a TOR user.

If my TOR-PC get’s a private IP from my router, are they speaking from the IP, my router gets from my ISP?

Thank’s a lot for your help!



This really shouldn’t be in the support section my friend, however I will answer your question. Most ISP providers now use dynamic IP addresses this is because the ISP is using CGN (Carrier-Grade NAT), it is possible that the IP address assigned to you by the ISP is the same address as the ISP assigns to someone else in it’s network.

The reason I told you that info is yes while someone may find you on Tor via your IP address if you were using tor for anything serious or nefarious you would be taking other measures that Tor would really be only your first layer of the onion.

Security and network security is pretty much an art as well as a science. You literally have so many rules also known as OPSEC that even some of the best known hackers in the world have been caught.

Russian Guccifer is an excellent example also alledley Guccifer 2.0 has exposed himself logging into twitter.

So as long as you are law abiding and just wanting to make it difficult for people to access your data and to protect your privacy setting up your own VPN and stuff and keeping clear or inappropriate websites will keep you safe. (mostly)



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