Realtek driver 8814au broken after kernel update

The recent kernel update has broken the driver RTL8814au

Error! echo
Your kernel headers for kernel 5.16.0-12parrot1-amd64 cannot be found at
/lib/modules/5.16.0-12parrot1-amd64/build or /lib/modules/5.16.0-12parrot1-amd64/source.
You can use the --kernelsourcedir option to tell DKMS where it’s located.
An error occurred. dkms build error = 1
Please report this error.

This is the error I receive after uninstalling and removing the driver and trying to reinstall it. This is the same error I initially received when I entered the commands

sudo apt update && sudo parrot-upgrade

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same here bro…!!!

Same here bro, both my WiFi and eth dont work lol. When running (forgot the command, sth like “ixim -N” or so idk) it showed for both “Driver: n/a”

I resolved the issue I was having. I had to enable the Updates/testing parrot repo to satisfy dependcies held back packages/ broken packages to get the right linux-headers package. Which was a simple and quick fix. I didn’t immediately jump to this solution, however, as I have come to realize I wasn’t so much looking for the solution, but was hell bent on finding the cause of the issue(looking for something to blame)

My thoughts on this is that this is an issue i’d normally attribute to user error and carelessness or improper package maintenance(n00bs!) I’d expect to see someone adding or removing repos unnecessarily and getting their packages out of sorts, however,I had not changed or altered any repos recently nor have I deviated from recommended best practices when it comes to package maintenance (update, parrot-upgrade, ect)

Considering these inconsistencies I’m unable to determine the root cause of the issue with much confidence. The timing and sequence of events suggests it was the kernel update that was the cause, but as I already stated, normally I’d attribute something like this to user error (i.e. finger-fucking the repos without knowing what is being done and what the outcome will be.)

I’m not a rocket scientist, or brain surgeon, I never got the job as a g33k on the g33k squad. Matter of fact I’m a heavy equipment operator on a good day but more often than not I’m just another cog in the wheel. I’ve worked construction for 15 years. All that is to say, I’m no "professional’’ in the realm of IT. I’m working on getting a few certifications and maybe changing careers, but it’s all been out of passion and pleasure up to this point, and I will be eternally grateful to have found something I enjoy as much as I do the ethical hacking, open source, linux, tech, community (ParrotOS, the real gold here, the MVP, in its own right is an amazing experience and the most worthy project and collaboration I’ve had the pleasure to watch evolve and grow. I have the greatest respect for the Parrot team, they have filled the void that windows or any other linux distro could not. Efficient, practical, useful, seamless in my setup/ life. It’s not limited to one use case such as kali is. It just makes sense for me, right now.

Back to topic. I’m prone to mistakes and human error as much as anyone, probably more so. But I would consider myself very capable and technologically inclined by nature. I had no problem teaching myself linux, ethical hacking/penetration testing methodologies and tools, how to code, building and compiling a custom kernel, ect. I know I hadn’t messed about my repos and cannot for the life of me pinpoint anything I’ve done that would cause this issue, but given the nature of the issue I’m not marking it off the list of possibilities

Has anyone else had the same issue/error as discussed in the original post? Or does it come to reason that I may have done something to trigger the problem? I’ll continue to look through some logs that may reveal some clues but unless I missed something, I know when it came to be and what was happening when it did.

The lack of confirmations I believe is already speaking for itself… Back to the drawing board

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Hello guys. Unfortunately this is not the first post that talks about it. The new kernel created a bit of a problem with whatever package concerned it, so we had to wait a while. There was also some problem with gcc, but we already fixed it.

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follow this thread The new LTS kernel version 5.16.0-12 broke nvidia-driver - #15 by d34d37h3r08. The latest update has many bugs. Luckily I had a timeshift snapshot of the prev version so for now I’m not going to update again

I had issues with my Alfa awsus036ac which I’m pretty sure is the realtek chipset also I’m on parrot security 5. I didn’t spend much time troubleshooting tried to install driver… nothing lsusb recognized it but ifconfig nothing and I wasn’t sure if I was making mistakes with the driver install but I tried a bunch of different resources to try to figure this out and was unable to. :frowning: