Red colour in graphical interfaces

Inexplicably, some elements of the graphical interface are being displayed in red. As I have no idea to what this issue is related, I do not no what more information to provide other than this demonstrative image.

Version: Parrot 1.10 (Intruder)
Architecture: x86_64
Edition: Home
Method: unknown
Multiboot: yes
Similar Issues: unknown
Error Messages: none

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from the icons and applets on your screenshot i can tell youre using an old version of parrot, try upgrading to see if it fixes your problem.

Any chance you tried to update? You are using an out of date version which I imagine would mess up when trying to update since newer versions of Parrot are running Gnome not Mate among other things :wink:

Better of installing/running the latest version (bug fixes etc)!

I have now reinstalled the OS altogether and performed the updates this time.
However, this red discoloration persists - even though not as intensive. The upper panel still turns red when pressing Alt+F1 to upen the menues on the top left.

Besides that, there seems to be some problem when booting. Just before reaching the login screen, Parrot will prompt me something like “TOMOYO: Default profiles unavailable, choose profile from list.”. The only option available is “disable” and typing that will bring up login.

Perhaps there is some correlation?

I don’t think so, check this:

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that is first time to see this , i think we should wating new parrot for update;

So I have reinstalled the OS a second time and initially everything seemed fine until I rebooted after updating and upgrading. The discolouration returned and I suspect it may have something to do with the limited partition space I allocated to Parrot. There was 20 GB available for partitioning - is this sufficient?

Thanks still for the TOMOYO solution, that is one less problem at least.

Strange that noone else seems to have this issue.

I also had this issue after a fresh install. I ran:
sudo apt update
sudo apt install nvidia-driver
But… I also ran apt-get upgrade afterwards so cant be certain if it was in fact a graphics driver issue or something else. So maybe not much help but doing the above fixed the red boxes for me.

A friend of mine had the same issue about two weeks ago, and I found the same solution you mentioned on Debians website, fixing the issue.

Just thought I’d throw that out there, because without running ‘apt-get upgrade’ this fixed the issue.

I express my gratitude to everyone’s responses and efforts to help me with this problem. For now, I am running Parrot OS virtually on my desktop machine (the one that had this issue). Whatever it is that caused this problem, it is not occuring on the VM nor on my Laptop so it’s allright for now.

Thanks again to everyone.