Reinstall plasma 5

I’d just like to know the most secure, fool-proof way to re-install kde, or plasma, or whatever I have to so dolphin, system settings, power management, Dr. Konqi, etc… all work again, without losing too much in the process. I’ve searched for other answers for two days with no luck. I plan to do it this evening. Just a generic path is fine, I’ll sort out the details.
Thanks for the advice.

The most Parrot secure way (outside downloading/compiling yourself) would be to search apt for it:

apt search plasma

apt search kde

Then select the packages you like and issue:

sudo apt install PackageNameHere

If you somehow lost settings it would be because you removed them, or changed user.

Thanks, but I tried all that. I think I installed a package somewhere along the line that created a conflict. After removing a bunch of packages with no improvement, and no clear course for a total removal and reinstallation of plans or kde, whatever, I’ve switched to MATE and am marginally happier.

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