Remove hard disk encryption

Hello, I am using the current destribution of parrot. During installation, I installed my system an empty space but the hard disk had another partition with my files. My issue is I have to input my password every time I try to access the partition. Is there a way I can do away with the password??

so you want to do away with ever entering a password?

Is it a /home partition?

i think you have simply change the owner of the files! :wink:
pls show us the output of:

ls -la /mountpoint of the partition
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Short answer: That is how Linux works
Long answer: It needs root permission to mount partition

If the system is multiboot and the partition desired is a Windows data partition then, in a word…no. Or do you mean you installed Parrot with an encrypted storage option and now you want to convert to a non-encrypted file system option? …I don’t think that’s possible either.

└──╼ $ls -la /dev/sda6
brw-rw---- 1 root disk 8, 6 Jan 15 07:26 /dev/sda6
└──╼ $

the pc was multiboot with both windows 10 and parrot, but everytime I upgraded it had issues(dont mind that) so I did away with windows but the partition in question has my files so I never did a complete format

so the data are on the ntfs partition?
if yes and you dont need the windows install. copy the data to an external disc and make a fresh install. or just umount the part. and then format it with btrfs or sonething else.

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Okay I had a similiar experience multibooting so I suspected as much. I dont believe there is anything that can be done. So if I understand this correctly you have a windows partition that aside for some files essentially goes unused? If so see the post above(OP beat me to it)

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