[Request] libreoffice-gtk3


it would be nice, if you could add the package libreoffice-gtk3 to Parrot OS. Like told here (Get Modern LibreOffice UI) it looks really much better and would fit more to this modern distro!


The package is already in our repos

It’s in our projects improve LibreOffice’s appearance, we’ll do it in the future.

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I checked and it is really nice. We have to check package’s dependencies to optimize preinstall as small as possible. For now package size is about 80mb which is not “friendly” at all. I mean for installed system on hard disk, it is not so big, but for iso file it can be pain in the arse.

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@tissy I saw that it is available, but I meant it would be nice if it was preinstalled :slight_smile:

@dmknght I didn’t think about the size, but of course I can understand that 80 MB is not small for an iso

Well that doesn’t mean iso file will +80mb for the size. It could be smaller but well because Parrot is having too many preinstalled packages so you know we have to optimize them