Request Netinstall Iso

I would like to use Parrot OS as my new operating system. Therefore I would like to install only the most necessary packages, i.e. the most necessary packages for the KDE desktop, the packages from the Parrot Project (Privacy and Security Packages). I don’t need the preinstalled packages from KDE. I guess for this the netinstall file is best. However, I can’t find a netinstall download on the official download page. Are there still current Netinstall files, even without errors?

Firstly: We tried netinstall iso and debian installer kept denying our GPG. This has been answered multiple times. We didn’t know why, we couldn’t spot the bug so we didn’t build netiso.
Secondly: As far as i know the installation will not only install dependencies but packages in recommends so it will install more packages. I call it a blindspot of installation and we are having a plan to fix this problem so we can have better result of building iso file.