Requesting TODO tasks

If there are any tasks that need assigned, (such as editing or recompiling and condensing/updating any of the current docs/faqs for the new Docs Portal) I would be more than happy to work on them. (This may need to be deleted as it may belong @ however there really isnt much traffic to that area so i posted here).

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i tried to do the same but the BOSS (lol) dont give others infos than

anyways we are waiting to raise enough money to do a major server upgrade (our project is severely out of funds by now) and we will create a new documentation portal. we would need people to contribute to the new documentation and eventually start writing tutorials too
we have to finish all the missing pages, and rewrite the installation guide

But what type of info for the doc??? idk
i can write tutorials too but what??On pentest tools? on what???

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Obviously you want the boss man to consent before you spend anytime writing up docs. But i think its safe to say that all the old docs ( will need to be translated into more up to date versions.

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I would hope he (and the others tasked with maintaining) would be fairly selective in assigning tasks such as these. Considering the nature of the development assigning a task like the documentation has to be delegated to not only one who is able to write well, but also correctly. Aside from this obvious point there is the security aspect. Trust is not given it is built on observation and interaction. The way we speak to people online says a lot about the true person speaking because they feel free to act naturally. I wouldnt be offended if anybody said no to me asking something like this anymore than i would react to an auto shop telling me i cant fix that honda civic because i domt know enough about it to do so; its essentially the same thing. It never hurts to offer up your support and volunteer for something you’re passionate about.

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if youd like to message me we can work out some sort of divide and conquer of at least reconfiguring the old docs to a nice rough draft to at least submit.

I would rather wait for @palinuro to maybe law down the law/ guidelines, or even create a list of exactly what he wants done (If anything).
I wouldnt be able to dedicate a huge amount of time to it, so wouldnt want to start something if it had already been done or wasnt needed.
But as soon as we have a heading i would be happy to help you write up docs/guides, on subjects that of which i have sufficient knowledge.

Ok that sounds like a plan, ive got a bunch of extra time now so ive been filling it with just trying to learn about stuff which is kinda really fun. I may work on writing a gpu specific wiki page for at least for the specific one i have (1080) my bad I definitely thought i sent this lol

Mine is only a 1070 :sob:

You can always push it to and see what happens.

w0w, mine is only a Haswell Mobile :sob: :cry: