Resolving window/screen flickering

- I am working on a macbook pro 2019 with window 10 bootcamp. I have parrotOS installed on the virtualbox on the windows OS. But the window/screen on the parrotOS was flickering a lot. After attempting some of the suggestions I saw on screen flickering on the forum, none worked. I was able to resolve the issue through trial and error with the display configuration setting by changing the compositor setting from OpenGL 2.0 to xRender under the Rendering background setting. Note, changing to OpenGL 3.0 also makes the screen flicker. You might experience a bit of screen glitch and drag using the xRender but it is more comfortable than the frequent flickering

  • ParrotOS iso in use: 5.14.0-2parrot1-amd64, Parrot-kde-security-4.11.2_amd64.iso

  • Application used for flashing the iso: Virtualbox

  • Logs/Terminal output (use pastebin or similar services):

  • Screenshots:

Another update. I disable the 3D acceleration on the Virtual-box, and restored the display setting back on the compositor to OpenGL 2.0 and 3.0. And everything works perfectly fine.

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