Ricochet, KeePassXC

Hello lovely people of this community,

I just installed Parrot 4.1 and I am basically a total newbie to linux. I have been using Win 7/Win 10. Anyway, so far I have encountered a real issue:

When I start Ricochet IM, which comes preinstalled with this version, somehow it seems not to save my configuration after the first start-up. When I restart the program, all contacts are lost and it is like I have never started the programm. When I open Ricochet IM, it says “sandboxed or root”. I assume that this is the problem but I don’t know how to turn off the sandbox so my configuration is saved.

Is there a way to fix this problem and to generally turn off the sandbox for certain programs? Also I have saved the config data from my Windows installation. Is there any way to import my old account and contacts?

Importing my old account isn’t that much of an issue as I know how to access the ricochet IDs from my contacts and can re-add them with a new config. But losing all my added contacts after restarting Ricochet IM is a real issue to me because I can’t just be re-adding people any time I want to chat with them.

Also, somehow the program KeePassXC, which also comes pre-installed with this version of Parrot OS, won’t open. Nothing happens when I try to open the program from the menu.

Why is that? Isn’t there a GUI? How can I get the program to work?

I know I will have to learn a lot about how to use Parrot OS/debian but I really need Ricochet IM to be fixed and don’t know how or where to start. The KeePassXC isn’t really an issue as I have installed KeePass2 via apt-get and can access my passwords. Still I am wondering what this KeePassXC is.

I am running Parrot Home 4.1 64-bit and installed with Debian standard. I don’t use multiboot.

Thanks a lot for your time reading and the effort you people have put into creating this OS!

keepass wont open because of firejail you can open keepass via the command line using
firejail --noprofile keepassxc

Or look at my answer here I need to install Wine or Play on Linux (wherever it says ‘playonliinux’ just replace it with ‘keepassxc’) if you want to open it from the menu or without having to type firejail --noprofile each time.

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Thank you. I was just wondering about KeePassXC, but it is not really an issue. I installed KeePass2 with apt-get and that works like a charm, so your workaround isn’t really necessary.

But!!! thanks to your answer I remembered something I read yesterday and were able to put together the pieces. So I solved my problem with Ricochet IM (so it seems, I didn’t add contacts so far, but when I restart Ricochet IM, it seems to work like it should.)

So I used this tutorial (https://firejail.wordpress.com/documentation-2/building-custom-profiles/) and added a directory in my user folder with a ricochet-im.config copied from the firejail directory in it. Then I just put a # before everything I thought might be necessary and ran the application with

firejail ricochet

Now I can start Ricochet IM from the menu and everything is as it should be. I can’t describe the feeling of contempt right now! :grinning:

So now I only have one question:
Why do there exist two packages of Ricochet? And why the heck can I start ricochet-im only with “firejail ricochet” even though only the ricochet-im package is installed?
Ricochet & ricochet-im, both can be installed/remove via apt-get but somehow the only the ricochet-im appears in the menu. The ricochet-package could only be started from the terminal.

Anyway, thank you!

Edit: Okay, it seems my ricochet config is fixed but still all contacts are lost after I close the program… Eugh… :expressionless:
Edit 2: So now I put a # before everyt line in the ricochet.config file in /user/.config/firejail and contacts seem to be saved. Finally!
Edit 3: Okay, I realised that, to add a new contact, I have to start ricochet via

firejail ricochet

Once the contact is added, I can close ricochet and the terminal and start ricochet regularly via menu with the already added contacts still being present. Good enough for me! (FFS :smile:)

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Yeah firejail might cause you a few issues with other packages especially the less mainstream ones. But at least you know how to fix it now.
About ricochet-im and ricochet, ricochet-im is the package name and ricochet is the executable hence you had to use ricochet.config not ricochet-im.config

The actual ricochet package is some robot game

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Thank you!

Another thing: Ricochet IM doesn’t blink when I receive a message when the window is minimized. Is there a way to fix this issue? I’m used to see the program blink in the task bar. alter

Unfortunately i dont know, i have never really used Ricochet IM. But saying that i dont know if i have ever seen an application flash in the toolbar, so it may be theme related or just not supported.

for dont have to launch it with always typing in a terminal you can go to your menu right click on the ricochet launcher

modify property or property

and you have a line command you type firejail ricochet and you do the same concept for all others app you need firejail or others things, and if like a lot of linux guy you do it in a terminal you do in a terminal

vi /home/yourPseudo/.bash_aliases

and write

alias ricochet=“firejail ricochet”

and you do it for all other :wink:

PS: just in case you dont vi because you are new to linux, you must type i before you can write and when you finish to write you type echap and for save and quit type :x

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Thanks, I’ll take a look and try it out tomorrow! :slightly_smiling_face: