Right Shift key is not working with some keys in keyboard

My right shift key is not working while I try to type following alphabets uppercase
There is another interesting thing. To type uppercase for above-mentioned alphabet I should first press right shift key then press the alphabet key suddenly only after releasing the right shift key. I cannot press the right shift key and alphabet together to get the uppercase letter. This problem is only for right shift key and left shift works like a charm. Is my system bugged ???

I checked my keyboard layout and its US English QWERTY keyboard. There was no problem so far. I recently changed my global theme to sweet in KDE desktop environment. That doesn’t change keyboard layout too, but there I was not getting any update for almost 2 weeks now even though parrot is rolling distro.

Before that, I don’t have any problem with the keys. It all started after I don’t get the update for my os regularly as it used to be.

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