Rm -R ~

Accidentaly, with my brain shutted off, I runned the command “rm -R ~” in order to remove word temporary files from the directory I was inside, and then i realized my mistake.

Is there any way to recover the precious files I deleted?
Thanks a lot

Log in to a different user account and copy the files, those files into your home directory. You can always make a new user for this purpose…but an undo or undelete command? No, not without getting forensic.

I have to recover all the settings and stuff I deleted. You were talking about forensic. Is there a way to recover the stuff with that?

Maybe but it would be easier to just basically start over with newly copied files. The data still exists (potentially) on the storage medium unless its been over written but without knowing the physical block locations where the information was stored it is often very difficult to recover aka not worth the trouble unless you really can’t live without it.

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