Root password issue

Yesterday I downloaded parrot os kde version now I’m having this problem it is asking me for a root password eveytime I want to use for example sypnatic package manage, the firewall, when I download something it always asks me to insert a root password i don’t what it is. I tried with my password and it does not work
Please all help is grealty appreciated

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Some utilities require the root passcode because they affect the entire system, it’s a security feature.

Synaptic, for example installs applications to /usr/bin which is then a system application for all users.

Firewall (e.g. ufw, gufw), for example modifies IPTables which affects the entire system for all users.

It may be that you need to input your user’s passcode instead of the root’s passcode because sudo is being used for privilege escalation. If you do no want to type the passcode for root activities you can login as the root user or add your user to the root group, though this is advised against.


Hi @Batmanxx

Apparently there is a bug in the PolicyKit for all Parrot 4.11 releases. Instead of asking for the user’s sudoer password, various programs needing elevated privileges are asking for the root password instead. For now, create a password for root and use that until a patch or Parrot 4.11a (?) is released.

$sudo su

enter sudo password


enter a password for root
reenter a password for root

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You can also solve this problem by creating file:
Its content should be:

AdminIdentities = unix-group: sudo

You can do this in the terminal, like this:
sudo su
enter the user password
nano /etc/polkit-1/localauthority.conf.d/51-debian-sudo.conf

Enter the text I provided as the content of this file:

AdminIdentities = unix-group: sudo

Save the changes, exit the terminal, and restart the computer.
System will no longer ask you for the root password, but for your user password.