Running ParrotSec Live via PXE

Hi awesome community,

i have a pxe server running on my HP Proliant Gen8 Microserver with Openmediavault @home.
Some images for installing via PXE (debian, ubuntu, …), some Live Systems (Tails, Acronis, Kali) and now … guess … i want include Parrot.

are there any recommendations, pitfalls or some thing else that spares me work? :slight_smile:


This is my pxelinux.cfg

  #ParrotSec OS 4.6 Live#
  LABEL ParrotSec OS 4.6 Live
  menu label  ParrotSec OS 4.6 Live
  KERNEL parrot/4.6-sec/vmlinuz
  APPEND noconfig=sudo username=root hostname=parrot root=/dev/nfs boot=live netboot=nfs nfsroot= initrd=parrot/4.6-sec/initrd.img

ok, its running … but i cant login. :slight_smile:
tried all the passwords and users … root, user, parrot, live ,…

ok, changed pxelinux.cfg username=root to username=user and it works! :wink:

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okee, next problem … booting in live mode … no updates possible.
booting in persistence mode … booting stops cause … no usb.
the nfs share is rw … works normaly for the most .nixe.

How can i setup a parrot system that is upgrade able?

i found this article but i am not sure how-to manage this … :frowning:
hope someone could help me.

plan is to have a upgradeable parrot system that i can still boot on all my devices.

it seems that no one is interesting in this thema so i think about another plan. :slight_smile:
i will install parrot on my esx and connect into it with x2go. :wink:

in this times maybe pxe is only nice for cleaning disc, running a mining rig without a local disc or installing an os without flashing a usb stick …

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