Search bar in dock is gone

I came back to my desktop being severely bugged and decided to restart. Ended up having a default theme which I tweaked back to what I had before but now I can’t search for apps in the dock by pressing the super key. Instead of the usual I have this:
What can I do to bring back the search bar?

Parrot version in use

VERSION=“5.0 (Electro Ara)”

Kernel version


it’s called brisk menu. You can add it manually.
Just some extra information: To avoid this issue and improve user’s experience, i’m developing layout switcher which is similar to Zorin OS (XFCE was a fork of Zorin, but Mate is our research and development). However, changing layouts on Mate is just as buggy as you have lol. So in the future, if you have similar issue (and ofc the project is completed), you can just restore default layout by some clicks