Second Display not working

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Recently got new laptop with RYZEN7 5800H and nvidia 3060.

So when I am connecting external display with hdmi it doesn’t connect ,

I have installed nvidia drivers correctly and in nvidia-settings I can see its detecting the display.

But xrandr shows just one display.

Amd drivers are also shows in use. Not sure where is rhe issues.

Can anyone please help me on this. I have tried lots of things even tried changing bumblebee congratulations as shown in nvidia drivers installation steps in parrot forum but after doing this grub keeps looping and both windows and parrot os crashes.

Appreciated the help…

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Sounds like you are having hybrid graphic card. This is the problem of many users (and i believe many distro as well). I’m afraid there is no “fix” for this issue

I have acer nitro 5 which comes with ryzen 7 , any idea if parrot works in this system for dual monitor .

Doesn’t work here on Gigabyte G5 KC. It could have a chance with different port (I heard that this laptop supports external monitor connect with Intel HD). Nvidia port doesn’t work at all for me. Your situation is as same as mine (and there were other users reported that as well). Neither bumblebee nor other solutions on google worked.

It is hit or miss, one of our XPS laptops has 2 x 27 Dell monitors connected via
a USB-C to Dual HDMI adapter . All 3 screens are running fine, however
the same system has no sound from build in speakers via either
the HDA Intel PCH or HDA Nvidia cards . The sound now comes from a 15 year old
Altec-Lansing XT2 USB-A speaker set connected to a hub via the pc’s USB-C port.

OS: Parrot OS 5.0 (LTS) x86_64
Host: XPS 17 9710
Kernel: 5.15.0-15parrot1-amd64
Uptime: 2 days, 14 hours, 36 mins
Packages: 3649 (dpkg)
Shell: bash 5.1.4
Resolution: 1680x1050, 1920x1080, 1920x1080
DE: MATE 1.24.1
WM: Metacity (Marco)
Theme: ARK-Dark [GTK2/3]
Icons: maia [GTK2/3]
Terminal: tmux
CPU: 11th Gen Intel i9-11980HK (16) @ 4.900GHz
GPU: Intel Device 9a60
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Mobile / Max-Q
Memory: 11400MiB / 64045MiB

As i have seen , looks like its an issue with most amd based systems or may be ryzen , i have old intel i3 system where dual screen works without any issues,

Also one of my friend have i7 9th gen msi gaming laptop for him its running good in fual system,

Where for me ryzen 7 rtx 3060 either amd is blocking the nvidia to use the display or something issue with where it is not able to switch the amd to nvidia.

Because it works in windows very well, but not in linux , so i believe might be issue due to ryzen7 or amd based gpu.

How the hell can you do that? I mean on PC, i have 3 monitors without any problems but with this Gigabyte G5, I just can’t make it. I’m having the same Nvidia 3060 btw.

P/s: on older dell laptop (intel HD only), external monitor had no problem for me.

:upside_down_face: , the cheap Anker dual hdmi adapter is plugged into the pc’s usb-c port.
On the setup side only using Mate - System - Control Center - Display and played
around until both monitors showed up . No other magic . Well come to think of
it Uriah Heep’s The Magicians Birthday from 1972 is playing on the USB speakers ,
may be it helped.

Ah that makes sense.

Guys finally i found the solution,

I was checking one blog post and that guy shown steps to switch from intel to nvidia. So insted of intel i switched to amd to nvidia and it worked .

Hope this will help others too to solve their dual screen Problem.

Really appreciated you guys for support.

So now there are two sceanerio ,

First one when i got laptop acer nitro 5 with ryzen 3060 , when first one came i tried installing the parrot display did not work,

Now I tried to find lots of ways and i found one way where i was able to connect the external display after switching from amd to nvidia , that i have mentioned in comments. But with this laptop there was heating issue and also backlight bleeding was too much, after 7 days of use,

So i replaced it and got new acer nitro but this time when i am trying to switch the amd to nvidia os was getting crashed, and it was heating more in compare to old one. So i returned that one also.

Now i bought lenovo legoin 5 i711th gen with rtx 3050 4gb , and what i am seeing is this was giving aa good performance also in comparison to nitro 5 and i see very less heating and the best thing is just after installing the parrot os display got connected automatically without nvidia drivers even.

Means it looks like for me there is an issue with ryzen based systems I don know but, clearly seen the difference Between ryzen 7 and intel.

So if you got ryzen or amd based with nvidia this will may be tougher for you to troubleshoot this issue , as i have said atleast i was able to make it work even with ryzen but still there was some glitches.

Lenovo legion 5 is a good choice. I never like Asus, HP or Acer. Acer sounds like cheap brand with low quality to me. HP and Asus always have minor problems with Linux.

Maybe the driver or design problem, idk. But when i took my G5 laptop, it was kinda “warm” running Windows. I replaced windows with Parrot and it was cold as ice. That was the winter so it was very cold lul.