Secure Boot and UEFI

Trying to install Parrot 3.11 on HP 840 G2 with latest BIOS - but cannot get it boot from Parrot install media created with ‘dd’ command and supplied iso file when set to:

  • Secure Boot
  • UEFI (native mode)

Is this even possible?

Managed to install by disabling “Secure Boot” - it worked - but then unable to boot without manual intervention (F9 at boot) to select a partition to boot - so no use.

Has anyone managed to install Parrot with Secure Boot & UEFI (Native mode) configured?

My computer installed with disable Secure Boot option and work normal. dual OS with disable fast boot in w10 for ntfs file system writeable.

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Agree with @lee , I’ve desactivated fast boot and secure boot and it was good .

Is your internal WiFi working??

I would say he either figured it out or reinstalled with an updated ISO as this hasnt seen any new action since april. Be careful not to do what we call necro-posting which is reffered to reviving “dead” posts as it clogs up the feed sometimes and some people may get a little annoyed. If you still need help with your wireless drivers feel free to semd me a ,essage and ill work with you to figure out whats going on :slightly_smiling_face: