Secure, decentralized messenger


What are the “security minded” people using now for Secure, anonymous, decentralized messenger – on mobile and on desktop (laptops)?

Since WhatsApp is owned by Facebook, and Skype is owned by Microsoft, I had been simply recommending using the Edward Snowden-endorsed, open-source, end-to-end-encryption-using messenger Signal, despite it requiring your phone number and access to your contacts. But then I read that it (like many of the alternatives use Amazon Web Services as well as Google Play Services (if you have them installed), that it used the proprietary RedPhone server software until March 2017, and that its developer, Open Whisper Systems, has received significant funds from the U.S. Government-funded program Open Technology Fund, which I assume may have something to do with the fact that Open Whisper Systems collaborated with WhatsApp, Google, and Facebook to help integrate the Signal protocol into their messengers.

Pidgin and the like are fine for a number of reasons, but difficult for the “non-techie” to get used to – some of my clients are indeed a bit thought challenged.

Telegram messenger now requires access to your general address book and phone number as well. Also since it is “cloud based” it is not decentralized - so while it is encrypted, it is subject to interception.

Is anyone using Tox?

So the question is…what’s on your Mobile Phone, Tablet or Computer??

(Amzker Pro Hacker) #2

Telegram Is Best Solution
Also Very Secured ,
I Use Only Telegram In Parrot And In Andy

(Matt) #3

You say clients, there are several ‘secure’ business solutions including Wire and VIPole. Providing messaging, voice, files transfers, ect… but you will be unlikely to find one that’s opensource.

You can revoke telegrams address book permissions btw.

There is also zangi that is P2P but not opensource.

All internet messengers are vulnerable to interception/mitm, so if you dont trust the encryption algorithms there isnt much you can do.

Parrot uses telegram for its groups and it what i use.