Self-reseting to loging screen

Strange thing. Doing rather often. Sometimes during BleachBit cleaning. Right now during watching film on Slimjet browser.
Throwing out to login screen, and when type password, coming back to clean desktop without opened any application.

I have such never ending error in Xorg.0.log:

[ 2275.548] (EE) modeset(0): Failed to get GBM bo for flip to new front.
[ 2275.548] (EE) modeset(0): present flip failed
[ 2275.564] (EE) modeset(0): Failed to get GBM bo for flip to new front.
[ 2275.564] (EE) modeset(0): present flip failed

Release 4.2.2 64-bit
Kernel Linux 4.18.0-parrot8-amd64 x86_64
MATE 1.20.3

I am getting the same error in xorg.0.log but not other issues with system. The error is consistant repeating endlessly many hundred times a day.

Having the exact same problem as the O.P. Any Ideas yet?

If anyone still cares, I stopped the repeated Xorg0 log problem by shutting off the compositor. (System>Prefrences>Look and Feel>Mate tweek. On the bottom “Windows” box, there are 3 choices for “Window Manager”. They are: Marco (Adaptive compositor); Marco (Compton Compositor); and Marco (No Compositor). Mine was set to Marco (Adaptive Compositor). I set it to Marco (Not compositor). Xorg0 log stopped immediately. I have not noticed any difference in the way my system works. Also, I have found that running bleachbit on system files, especially in root mode, starts a lot of problems, like getting booted out to the log in screen for several different reasons. My novice advice is to not use bleachbit on any system files. Its completely trashed my os twice. (Had to reinstall).


I definitely apologize that no one has replied. Sometimes since there is not a whole lot of us (remember that this is a community based open source project --moderators like me do are here in order to maintain a clean, usable environment for our community, to make sure nothing is going horribly awry interactivity-wise and to help if possible answer and resolve support requests) I have not had a ton of experience with Bleachbit so I havent been able to answer this. Being that there truly are not a lot of us, we need to make sure that we get the request in the proper way and not just reply to someone elses thread and it it isnt in the support category sometimes it is ignored as a notification until time permits whomever is able to reply is able to just browse or whathaveyou. I try to emphasize that this is also a learning environment and you are absolutely correct, “n00bs” are the “children” of our future so to speak and I think we need to work a lot harder to not only stop using that terminology here but also stop with the counterproductive wordplay regarding them. It is difficult to try and separate those who are cyberpunks from people with a true desire to learn and this is also a responsibility we owe being creators/maintainers of this project. I see it getting better with time as all things that are new like this. If for any circumstance you create a new support thread and it stays unanswered for a few days You are more than welcome to message me via my profile and I believe I even have a private support email listed (this is something I have offered as a volunteer service and is never ever associated with parrot project in any official way nor will it absolutely guarantee a response if its something that is off the wall weird etc) and you are more than welcome to shoot me an email, chances are ive not had any prior work with the subject but if i have free time aside from my job, personal projects and home life (again read if I can) I will try to at least point you in the right direction of something that you can read pertaining whatever the subject/topic is. Anyone is more than welcome to send me a private message on here to ask anything at all at any time, I really encourage all input for any opportunities for improvement not only for myself but also to pass along to an appropriate admin.

Thank you for your reply. I appreciate it. I will have a non-windows computer, or I won’t have one. Obiously, my biggest problem is with the terminal. When researching for installlation or configuration procedures, I mostly find info on Ubuntu forums. I guess I thought terminal procedures were more universal amoungst linux distros, Expecially since the grandmother of all the distros I have been trying out is Debian. Either I’m wrong, or I have Terminal problems, but I don’t expect that to be answered here. I will post a new thread. Thanks again.

you are always welcome. Terminal commands differ slightly between the Linux types just as mac commands are similar but then different from Winblows.
Here is a good starting point for you as a new user though that I think you will find helpful: