Settings reverted to default after booting

Last night, I messed up in installation and flashing.

This is the story. My main OS is Win10, I etched the iso file using balena then proceeded to restart. I could not find the choose a device option when booting with usb, so i fiddled around with the options, until a pop up appeared and i did a quick scan of it, i got too excited because this was not part of the installation guide i reviewed on youtube, all i Article remember at this part is that I was prompted to do a restart(Windows), and i stupidly mistaken a button for cancel- it then went to restart.

I then found myself at GRUB (pardon the term misuse, I am starting from scratch), or the parrot bootloader, and then after doing a quick scan on the options (Ram, safemodes, did not initiate anything), i proceeded to Try/Boot. Then I went to the GUI installation “Install Parrot” and proceeded as instructed. I did encounter a missing option again here, but that is for another thread. After choosing my preferences(WallP, WiFi pass), I called it a day and slept. Now this morning, I was greeted by ParrotBootLoader(Try/Boot) and then everything went to default. --*

  • Security Edition.:

  • Balena etcher :

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Are you sure you didn’t forgot the usb drive attached to your PC?

I was not informed by the GUI to remove the stick until a YT video told me to. The issue has been resolved now, thanks.