Setup Parrot on external USB3 to SATA SSD

I want to try Parrot on my laptop without touching my current windows installation or the boot sections whatsoever. Still need more time to backup/plan and wipe it for the full move.

I have an extra 2.5 SATA SSD with a USB3 adapter i would like to setup Parron on. Boot from this drive, and make any changes persistent, i dont want to just boot to a live version and lose all changes on every boot.
Is this possible? will the performance or stability be hugely affected?
Any tips or link to a tutorial much appreciated.


Ok i flashed parrot on the external SSD and i am able to boot from it to the Parrot desktop. I see there is a “persistent” option in the boot menu, but so far changes are not saved after rebooting.
Im on windows and see a 3+ gb partition on it and the rest of the drive unallocated. So should i just format that in linux and save the changes there?

you can do regular installation from there
and make necessary partitions as you prefer and run it
there is no problem

Thank you man!
I ended up installing parrot as the main OS on the internal disk and im loving it a lot.

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