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Hello every-one!
—parrot security 4.5.1 virtual ova . After launching in virtualbox a shared folder with host system apears on desktop and works properly. But after first updating in time of installation it disapears from desktop… and after that it is impossible to create a new one. At the same time there is a foulder called as that first shared foulder, but this one has no connection with host system…and it is impossible to connect with any usb…but i added this user to a vboxsf group…how to resolve this problem?

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You updated virtualbox? If so you need to install in a new ext pack. Also the user group should be “vboxusers”

Thank you for your answer! But the situation is that i did not updated virtualbox - i just installed it the newest version… when i said about updating i meant that updating that is happening during the very first installation of parrot. And before that first updating i was able to open that shared foulder and see contents of that foulder. But after first updating parrot during the installation and rebooting that shared foulder disapears from desktop and i can find a foulder with such name in media foulder but it is no more connected to host operating system and it is empty… and i thought that in order to use it i must be in vboxsf group, but you suggested a group with different name… i will see and try to connect myself to that group if such exists - now i can not to look at it because i began new instalation and at this time that updating is happening…and it goes about five hours so i will try your suggestion approximately in three houres…for the time being thank you very much!

So i looked up for special groups…there is only one group to use shared foulders - vboxsf…and i connected this user to this group,but it does not work…and even when i log in as a root - shared foulders do not work… when i make a new shared foulder it just apears in foulder ‘media’ but it does not contain files which exist in host system because it does not have any connection to host system…why it happens? When first started before full installation parrot shared foulders work properly, but after full installation they turn into a usual local foulders without connection to the host system…why is that???

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