How about get this trojan out from the os?? I enrolled 2 years ago in this fantastic distro cause i read about get rid off systemd…still waiting…
i know it couldn’t be easy but … there you have devuan…
it is just a dream… forget systemd.

Hope i explained enough well…sorry about my english,
cheers all of you

Its to late. Linux version of svchost is here to stay. The amount of time it would take to build a distro like this on the old init scripts, (if even possible) would be overwhelming. There are always lots of things to worry about, but there is a pretty good team here sealing up the cracks wherever they can. Telemetry goes out, but it helps developers, as long as they aren’t selling it, binding it with ip’s, or linking it to a unique id. I haven’t aquired the skills yet to figure out the depths of systemd, or whats going out with gvfsd-metadata, or to And with micrsoft owning Github now, who knows. But in the end you still just have 4 choices: Android, Apple, Microsoft, or Linux. The first three systems are information gathering technology with an OS added on. Linux is in an entire other category, it is an OS, built with put together open source software, and Parrot is by far the best. Your developers and team members put a lot of time in it, and use it themselves.

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Thanks for the answer…

Linux version of svchost is here to stay

there is some distros that dont use systemd. Gentoo, void, devuan…and they are running quite well…i am not saying it would be easy, but it could be done.

But in the end you still just have 4 choices: Android, Apple, Microsoft, or Linux

There are still some other choices… BSD systems, OpenSolaris (illumos…) …and sure some others i dont know…but this is not part of this question.

Anyway… Much apreciate your answer, really!! :+1:

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