Shop stickers, allow donation via Monero

Got convinced to switch over from Kali, and there were a few things I thought I’d suggest.

  1. Add stickers to the store ( Great way to rep ParrotSec, especially in the InfoSec space where folk tend to deck out their machines with stickers. Having a embroidered patch would be cool too.

  2. Add a Monero address as a donation method. Currently Bitcoin is supported, but Bitcoin isn’t anonymous given it’s a transparent ledger. So anyone has a permanent record to see where money is donated from and mark them as a person of interest like government agencies do with Tor. If you want to be transparent to the community you can show the wallet history via sharing your private view key. However, people sending Monero to the wallet are still protected via Ring Signatures.


Love the idea of stickers, I had my wife make parrot sticker for my last jeep. It would be great to find some good sized stickers for both my laptop and a vehicle.

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