Show us your setup(s)!

I’ve been looking around /r/battlestations to see different users workstation setup.

Can we start a thread showing your Parrot setup?

@jasonb179 What’s your idea behind it :wink: ?

What do you mean exactly? configurations, applications, desktop environment and GUI customization?

I think this is a great idea, but it is, perhaps, overly optimistic. I’m not sure security fanatics are likely to post pictures of anything. … nevermind photos that might contain all sorts of info on the photo’s face, nevermind what might be tucked away in such photos … that said, I applaud the effort. and I really would like to see what set-ups folks are running - it’s one of the really great things about linux-lovers - you just never know what they’re using from the std to the custom to the truly obscure. No B.S. I do like the idea, I’m just not so surprised, that everyone hasn’t jumped in… .

Yeah, things like that. Maybe physical setup too, like monitors or desk.

Which type setup? Look of PC
Or physical setup,

(I interested to became Mr.PC designer):roll_eyes::joy:

show us all your setup

2 monitors should be good. I don’t have it right now :frowning: For now i am having laptops and PCs with Parrot Sec - Mate. I moved clock to middle of top pannel, install chat clients, put some useful shortcuts to top panel (and sticky note applet of Mate), install conky and use my customize configuration. I removed “System control” or something like that from menu in the top panel (top left) because i don’t always use it. I customized configuration of common applications that I use. I did a lot customize with my old laptop and xfce4. I am thinking about using Cinnamon because it is nice and useful. However it is a hard choice because Mate is smoother and easy to costomize.

but dont forget to remove the metadata from the pics! :wink:

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