Shutdown/suspend problem

System upgrade?

apt upgrade

do NOT run apt upgrade parrot is a rolling release you will break your system. you can try to recover but it would be faster to reinstall.

in the future always update with

sudo apt update
sudo apt full-upgrade


sudo parrot-upgrade

I wanted a solution man!

During boot add this line


If your pc won’t shutdown .

What do you mean? I thought you said youhave an amd gpu? This is for an intel nvidia. You definitely should avoid adding anything to any boot line

Hey I just created an account to say thank you to KileXt, I was desesperate because of my shutdown issue and nvidia driver, and the 2nd part for nvidia user is working perfectly with an lenovo Y530 (i7/1050Ti).

Thanks you now I can use properly ParrotOS :grinning:


Great ! I am glad to hear that, have a lot of fun with Parrot OS !

That didn’t works for me but i have found a solution what i did is sudo vim /etc/default/grub and i added nomodeset=0 in

to be

You can use any editor i used vim then do sudo update-grub
And it works fine but i have a question
Is this a good solution it wont make damage ? + In that grub file i found just quit not quit splash i didnt added splash should i add splash ?? Thank you