Sidebar and grub setup

  1. I need sidebar like kali Linux
    If you ever used kali u can see that sidebar
    That i wanted to install in my parrot wjat i do

  2. I wanted to set windows selection option at first place during grub

Dont know about kali, i dont know what it looks like.

To change the default OS for grub:

sudo nano /etc/default/grub In there will be this line, ‘GRUB_DEFAULT=0’. Simply change the 0 to the index of windows in the GRUB boot list. So if windows was second on the list, change the line to ‘GRUB_DEFAULT=1’ (indexed from 0).
Instead of using an index, you could use the OS name (specific). If you cant remember the names you can read them cat /boot/grub/grub.cfg | grep "menuentry ". Use what is in the single quotations. For example my parrot would be ‘GRUB_DEFAULT=“Parrot GNU/Linux (on /dev/sdb1)”’.

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For sidebar

Right click on bottom panel >new panel

In new panel rwmove option Expanded

And it will be your sodebar woth autohide option

And for grub follow @KidKlown step