Signal vs Telegram

Woudl it not be better to use Signal rather than Telegram for Groups? Probably better privacy?

For private stuff I use Signal - of-course truely private stuff should never be put anywhere near a computer these days!


Perhaps in some cases. However as we’ve mentioned in our last blog post we are moving away from all other centralized services toward Matrix. Rather than move things around, we’ve left everything on Telegram while we continue to prepare our own Matrix servers and chat service.


Agreed re Signal @user42 , never use telegram (did just for Parrot) as they did have quite a few issues. Matrix is quite epic, very happy you are working on it @s1udge :slight_smile:

Matrix client sucks, sadly.

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FYI - Looks like had a huge security breach. Kudos for the manner and transparency in which they handled it. Take note, Equifax!

Hello,try this

An advertisement for an app that “says” it is secure certainly doesn’t make it so. I found little to no documentation regarding it’s level(s) of encryption, the method(s) of encryption or if it was open source or not…

This invigorates of course, I can not disagree with you,)). Do you understand the code?
You can write to the developer and find out all points regarding the code …
Everything can be, I do not state anything.
If you have serious problems with this, use gmail, bind to the phone number of another
countries)), or telegrams.
Jabber otr, pgp)).
Now the one who worries about his safety - he does not sit in one place, does not use one
messenger or device.
This is empty talk about security and anonymity, it always makes me laugh.

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