single boot on pc, Kernel frozzen

After installation of Parrot security, No error and when it reboot the load froze on the 3th point.
So i can t start it

If ‘acpi’ is causing the problem then we can try a few things.

Firstly make sure your BIOS is up to data. If not, try updating it and try booting again.

If that doesnt work add ‘acpi=off’ to grub boot config. To do that: boot, then when you get to the ‘grub screen’ press ‘e’ on Parrot. You will see a shell script, in there somewhere will be a line that starts with linux, go to the end of that line (note: the end of the line might not be on the same line, as the start of the line) and add ‘acpi=off’. ctrl X or f10 to boot.

Then clean your screen :wink:

I modified the file grub to add acpi=off but the thing is that i m on laptop and i can t see my battery power…And it doesn’t shutdown i need to force it. How can i do?

Yeahhh :thinking:

I take it you couldn’t update the BIOS?

Try these options in the ‘Trouble Booting’ section: Will hopefully at least help narrow the problem down.

A solution beyond this might be a difficult one. I will have a look though.

No i can t update and the
acpi=off work
acpi=ht work
pci=noacpi work

But no shutdown and no battery power :cry:

What actually is the laptop?
Will probably help.

Omen by hp, i5 7th 8go nvidia gtx 1050

It seems (most likely) HP haven’t fully conformed/ implemented the ACPI standard.
This isnt going to be a Parrot specific problem. You can wait in hope that HP releases a BIOS update or that there is a workaround added to linux.

I will have another look later, but for the moment i cant provide a solution. :frowning: