Single booting on a 2015 Mac is impossible apparently

First time posting on here. I was going to just go ahead and try to install Parrot and see what happens but then I remembered all the times I’ve ignored advice and broken things horribly so I thought I’d consult the forum.

I intent on single booting Parrot (home) as an alternative to MacOS. I’ve never done this on a mac before so did a quick google search to make sure I wouldn’t run into anything unusual that Apple might do. I’ve found a few posts claiming that you can only single boot on pre 2012 devices. I’m sure there must be a way to get around that? It seems too trivial to be true.

What’s stopping me from creating a USD/SD bootable, booting into that and using it to install Parrot over the MacOS system? I don’t see why the 2012+ Apple devices are so difficult to install a new OS on for example?

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