slow boot after resize the /dev/sda9

I have dual boot. windows and parrotsec. I have delete swap partition at /dev/sda8 to increase home partition at /dev/sda9. and I got it. but after I increase home partition. now I have slow boot process at parrot, more than 1 minute. before I resized the home partition. boot process only take under 1 minute. and now I have losing /dev/sda8. how to get back the /dev/sda8 or change /dev/sda9 to /dev/sda8

anyone have solution for this?

you need to first wipe the drives this machine is on, perform a clean format, read the documentation at and regarding linux filesystems and their needs, and start over, its very clear you dont quite understand whats going on here, but you need to know the structure and requirements for the needs of the system in order to set yourself up correctly. you could attempt moving it but I highly doubt its gonna be very nice in the end. You dont have to get rid of your win part but do delete the ones that are linux here