so is PArrot v4.8 released ???

I have seen no official announcement - but there is a v4.8 ISO and the main web site doanload documents v4.8.

So is that the final v4.8 ISO download now?

Thanks Parrot Team!

Before an official announcement has made: Parrot-home-4.8_x64.iso.torrent seems to be wrong, it does not match Parrot-home-4.8_x64.iso itself (checksums for all the chunks but a few are wrong). Also, the torrent creation date (2020-Mar-17 19:12) is earlier than iso file creation date (2020-Mar-17 19:42). I guess the torrent file for some intermediate pre-release might found it’s way to download directory. Can this be fixed? Or maybe I am dumb and did the check all wrong? sha1 sums are all OK.

It looks like they have been working on some webpage updates recently. I checked the following download directory - - and see there is a new 4.8/ updated 3/21/20. The beta directory was last updated on 3/9.

@slobin - something doesn’t make sense there. My checksums are not correct either. I’m going to hold off on downloading until rectified.

We are very sorry. Palinuro is working on new infrastructure right after Parrot build and we couldn’t made the changelog in time. By now I’m still not happy with current changelog because there are many things it skipped. I’ve completed a new tool that can create FUD payload (so far so good). We are having so many projects and we are extremely exhausted!!!
So thanks everybody for keep supporting us. I promise i’ll create changelog about software change asap


Hey now, take your time mate. You all are doing a great job, myself and others support you guys 100%. Keep up the good work and don’t stress yourself too much. :slight_smile:


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